Redstar OS

Redstar OS 3.0, North Korea’s own Operating system

North Korea is known for their strict internet restrictions in the country. Almost all the countries internet is run as a private network called Kwangmyong with, selected few getting privilege to access global internet through a collection of proxies. They were using English versions of pirated Microsoft Windows to access the network till 2002 when they developed their own secure OS called Redstar OS. Details of this OS was unknown to outside word till a Russian international student at the Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang purchased a copy and posted about it on his LiveJournal account. Latest Version 3.0 was released in the summer of 2013 and somebody has managed to create a torrent and upload it to various download sites in form of an ISO image.

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Red Star OS 3.0 Desktop *retail*

I gave you server, now here’s desktop! Welcome, one and all, to best korea’s Linux distro, version 3.0.
Otherwise known as, “the one to prease the fappletards”.

Unlike server, this one doesn’t need a serial, just mount in your VM and go boot from it 😀

acf53d2b50ecb1391044b343502becf5 redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso
3eb7ca51105614f3716ceb7dad0ceda9ba0f906a redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso
895ad0e01ae0d35a65e9ac42dd34d0a1d685d6dfa331ce5b4f24bbc753439be3 redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso

To use this, I guess you better praise juche ideals and post sincere comments about how much you love DPRK to /r/pyongyang.
But don’t ask about The Interview.. I’ve heard its a touchy subject there… 😉

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Redstar OS 3.0
Redstar OS 3.0

Not as secure as announced

Within few days of its torrent/ISO release, security researchers had found many vulnerabilities in the OS. Browser comes with Redstar called Naenara Web Browser is built from an ancient version of Firefox with many vulnerabilities.

A pseudonymous researcher noted in a post to the Open Source Software Security (oss-sec) mailing list, that the OS has one significant security hole: Red Star 3.0 ships with a world-writeable udev rule file /etc/udev/rules.d/85-hplj10xx.rules (originally designed for HP LaserJet 1000 series printers) which can be modified to include RUN+= arguments executing arbitrary commands as root by Udev. In the post he also mentions how the older Red Star 2.0 shipped with another schoolboy mistake: /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit was world-writeable. He also provided a screenshot demonstrating the attack.

redstar3.0 localroot

Even though root is denied by default in Redstar, using a security vulnerability in the software manager one can easily install unassigned rpm package and get root access to the system.