Microsoft Windows 10 Spartan Browser

Microsoft’s ‘Spartan’ browser screenshot leaked

Many online resources earlier reported that Microsoft is working on a new browser code-named Spartan for its new operating system Windows 10. Now an alleged screenshot of Spartan has leaked at online site bgr.

Microsoft Windows 10 Spartan Browser

The screenshot above shows a slightly older beta version of the Spartan browser loading a Facebook page. The browser appears to have a minimalistic design, featuring clear, straightforward and clutter-free UI elements.

According to the source, Microsoft assigned a special team to work on Spartan in September, with the team working non stop on the new design since then. A third redesign was completed by Christmas, with the image above belonging to the second version of Spartan, dating back to early November.

More interestingly, Microsoft’s new browser is said to come with some amazing new features that should further improve the Internet browsing experience. Apparently, Spartan will let you speak entire voice commands such as “add to favorites, “make that my home homepage,” or “go to”