DigitalOcean now supports FreeBSD

DigitalOcean a cloud hosting company famous for cheap SSD VPSs, yesterday announced that users can now select FreeBSD as VPS OS.

FreeBSD is unique in that the development of both its kernel and user space utilities are managed by the same core team, ensuring consistent development standards across the project. FreeBSD also offers a simple, yet powerful package management system that allows you to compile and install third-party software for your system with ease. One particularly compelling attribute of the FreeBSD project is the quality of their documentation, including the FreeBSD Handbook which provides a comprehensive and thoughtful overview of the operating system.

DigitalOcean Freebsd

DigitalOcean had made several backend code changes to include FreeBSD in the selection of OS available to users. Company which added support for coreOS is now adding another feature which will compel those BSD fans and those want to try secure/stable BSD systems to sign-up.